Dialysis PATIENTS Demonstration Act

While on its face the Dialysis PATIENTS Demonstration Act seems beneficial, based on our review, we believe its passage is not in the best interest of kidney patients, and we strongly oppose its passage.

Under the provisions in the Dialysis PATIENTS Demonstration Act, patient choice is limited and the legislation fails to provide patients, at a time of great personal duress and health concern, adequate time to make a reasonable decision on their care.  We also have concerns that patients do not have the option to depart the model they have been assigned to whenever they choose based on any concerns about the quality of care they are receiving.  In addition, there is a risk of disruption in the patient-physician-clinic relationship with closed networks, as proposed in the legislation.

The Dialysis PATIENTS Demonstration Act fails to address three critical aspects of kidney care including chronic kidney disease, transplant, and end of life care.  Without these pieces included in the model, we are not providing patients with the best care options.  Inclusion of these pieces is necessary in order to truly provide integrated care throughout all phases of the disease and achieve savings in the Medicare program.

Based on these concerns, we urge you to oppose the Dialysis PATIENTS Demonstration Act by writing to your congressmen and senators below.

Read the bill in it’s entirety here.

Letters of Opposition:

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