Join Us To Preserve Independent Kidney Care


Bill Peckham, pictured above, is a great example of a person who receives dialysis on his terms. His ability to dialyze where he chooses helps him to maintain an independent spirit.

We believe all people with kidney disease deserve the freedom to choose a treatment option that works best in their life, whether it is a transplant, dialysis at home, in a center, and even on a river. They should be able to choose their care among a variety of physicians and clinics, national, independent or local providers.

We know that in order to provide the best care to patients, we should make chronic kidney disease education available early on, in order to delay or prevent the need for dialysis. And, we understand that some people who decline dialysis would appreciate the support of end-of-life care. We need to be there for those patients, too.

We want to protect the right for people with kidney disease to continue to have a broad range of providers and treatment choices.

Patients on dialysis can benefit from the different innovative approaches from each provider. Join us to preserve independent kidney care.